Mayor issues air pollution alert after foggy weather

Image above: Westminster during foggy weather; library image

Mayor urges fewer car journeys to decrease pollution

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, warned on Sunday (22 January) that Londoners are at risk from elevated pollution levels due to the cold, still, and foggy conditions. In fog vehicle emissions take longer to disperse.   

Mayor Khan, said:

“Toxic air is extremely dangerous for Londoners – and I’m doing everything in my power to tackle it. On Sunday, alongside the extreme cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing, we are also expecting moderate to high levels of air pollution.

“Following the latest forecast from Imperial College London, I am issuing a “moderate” air pollution alert. This shows once again why it’s so vital that we expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone London-wide to reduce toxic air pollution in our city.

“We all need to be careful over the next few days. I’m urging Londoners to look after each other by choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport, avoiding unnecessary car journeys, stopping engine idling and not burning wood or garden waste, all of which contributes to high levels of pollution. This is particularly important in order to protect those who are more vulnerable to high pollution.”

ULEZ expansion coming up in August

Sadiq Khan announced that the Ultra-Low Emission Zone would be expanded across all London boroughs from 29 August.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers across London could face a daily charge of £12.50 every time they drive if their vehicle does not meet emission standards.

Drivers will not be charged if they are parked within an ultra-low emission zone or on days when they do not drive.

Transport for London (TfL) has estimated that on an average day about 160,000 cars and 42,000 vans that use London’s roads would be liable for the fee.

The scheme is currently limited to all areas within the North and South Circular Roads, but the Mayor plans to expand the scheme across the entirety of Greater London.

If the plans go ahead, ULEZ would cover the same area as the current Low Emission Zone, up to the Kent border and into Essex.

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