Candidates standing in the local elections in Southfield ward

Liberal Democrat

Councillor Andrew Steed

Worked in retail, now for leading travel publisher. Lived in Hounslow Chiswick, now Ealing Acton. First elected 2010.

Councillor Gary Malcolm

Councillor Gary Malcolm has been a Lib Dem councillor for 16 years. He lives in Southfield and works as a Senior Analyst for an eCommerce company. His main concern: “fighting to protect our local hospitals”.

Gary Busuttil

Councillor Gary Busuttil has lived in Chiswick for almost ten years, and been a Councillor for almost four. He is half Maltese and currently works as Cabin Crew for a well-known airline. Transport is his passion and he has been campaigning on Piccadilly Line trains to stop at Turnham Green.


Vanessa Costello

Vanessa Costello is a wife, mother and grandmother and she runs her antiques business from Devonshire Road W4. As Chair of the local Conservative group, Vanessa’s has led several successful campaigns to improve Southfield ward over the last four years including identifying and reporting 1000 trip-hazards and cleaning up Acton Lane. She’s opposed to Heathrow expansion and CS9 using the pavement on Chiswick High Road. “I want to be elected as a councillor in Southfield ward because I see how difficult it is for people to deal with the Council. I also believe Southfield needs a stronger voice to challenge and influence Ealing Council decisions”.

Julian Gallant

Julian Gallant is a professional musician who has lived in the W3 and W4 areas since 1998. He’s a governor of two primary schools in Acton. “I’m a cyclist so potholes and broken pavements are right in my face. I’m going to MAKE Ealing Council get the roads swept regularly and look after Southfield’s beautiful green spaces and trees.” Julian is well in line with the Ealing Conservative Group opposition to the expansion of Heathrow. “It’s easy to be pro-expansion when you don’t live near the flightpath.” “Council work is about people and families – getting things done for them and helping them navigate the labyrinth of local authority.”

Andrew Macdonald

Andrew has lived in West London for most of his life. He’s Chair of Governors of a local primary school and an enthusiastic member of a local history group. He’s an experienced member of Southfield ward’s Street Surgery team and familiar with local issues. Andrew has a strong professional background working in policy and public relations and has recently established a gardening and landscaping business. “I want to be elected as a councillor in Southfield ward because residents have told me that they’re not being listened to by Ealing Council. I want to make sure their voices are heard”.

Green party

Michael Landon

Michael says his main reason for standing as a candidate is ‘to ensure that Ealing Council takes more effective action to stop Climate Change, which threatens to devastate the lives of our children and grandchildren.  To avoid the catastrophic effects of Global Warming, we all need to use energy much more efficiently and drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels.  I am also appalled by the illegal high levels of Air Pollution in London, which seriously damages our health and causes many premature deaths, and am committed to the Clean Air for Children Pledge.  I oppose further development at Heathrow Airport, for safety reasons as well as to cut down air and noise pollution, and oppose current plans to privatise NHS services’.

Michael works as a consultant advising companies on employee share ownership and is currently close to the end of a part-time master’s degree on the Economics of Climate Change.  He says he would use his knowledge, skills and energy to represent the interests of our local community. He he has lived in Southfield Ward for the last 34 years and is married with two children, now grown up, who both attended Southfield School.


Jacqueline Davis

Jacqueline Davis is an NLP and Psychological Coach with a Masters in Psychological Coaching and a post-graduate diploma in executive coaching and mentoring. She is a Fellow and Chartered Director of the Institute of Directors with post-graduate qualifications in governance, leadership and management.

Tony Loftus

Tony Loftus is retired from Prison Service, formerly with Unilever marketing. A Labour activist who loves Blues Jazz and ‘Good’ music and lots of other things.

Unsure as to which ward you’re in? Here’s the map of the Chiswick Southfield ward

Southfield ward