Meeting Anthony Horowitz

I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Horowitz this week, to do a video interview with him for the Chiswick Book Festival. I first came across him through his children’s books, delightfully scary stories such as Groosham Grange and Granny, then his teenage fiction, the Alex Rider series, with a hero who could easily be the young James Bond, though set in a different era.

His writing is fast paced and funny; his characters larger than life, and with some 40 books under his belt as well as TV and film scripts for well-known titles such as Foyles War and Midsummer Murders, not to mention all his journalism and theatre work, who better to write the prequel to Ian Fleming’s James Bond series?

The Fleming estate has asked several authors to continue the James Bond oeuvre. Kingsley Amis, William Boyd and Sebastian Faulks have all written Bond books. Anthony Horowitz openly admits to having lobbied for the gig. Trigger Mortis was published in 2015. Forever and a Day is his second Bond book and in it he gets to shape the character of the great spy and fill in a little of the background of what made Bond the cold, ruthless charmer he is.

He talked to me about how he approached the delicate task of writing a well loved hero and fleshing out the character a little without upsetting the fans. See the interview below.

Energetic and prolific as Anthony Horowitz is, although Forever and a Day was only published two months ago and is as yet available only in hardback, he proudly showed me the finished manuscript of his next book Another Word for Murder (sequel to The Word is Murder) which he finished writing just two weeks ago. Another Word for Murder will be published in the autumn and he will be talking about it at the Book Festival.

Anthony Horowitz will be appearing at the Chiswick Book Festival on Saturday 15 September. You can buy tickets here