Midwives receive exemption to Grove Park traffic ban

Image above: The midwife team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Trust; photograph Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Council relents after midwives from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Trust receive PCNs

Hounslow Council has granted an exemption to community midwives from the recently implemented traffic restrictions in Grove Park.

Several midwives have received Penalty Charge Notices after driving to attend patients. The majority of the Chiswick area is served by the Community Midwife Team at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, which is responsible for postnatal visits to women and babies in the area as well as facilitating home births.

After receiving fines, members of the midwife team got in touch with Cllr Peter Thompson, who took up their concerns with the Council. Initially, their appeals were rejected, as they were not considered exempt and were classified under the same category as tradespeople and delivery drivers.

Cllr Thompson said:

“I was shocked to hear that the midwives were considering discontinuing their work in Chiswick due to the unaffordable fines.

“Community midwives play a crucial role in providing essential and often urgent healthcare to women and newborns. I am pleased that the Council has decided to include Community Midwives in the list of exempt groups, such as District Nurses, GPs, and Pharmacists.”

Hounslow Council announced it was introducing exemptions for carers when they decided recently to make the latest traffic restrictions permanent. They say exemptions for midwives were already planned as part of that change.  A Council spokesperson said:

“The issued Penalty Charge Notices were cancelled after direct representation by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital team. As part of the broader exemption for carers, we have now officially categorised midwives under the district nurses’ exemption.”