Miss Fu-sion launches new dance single at Theatre at the Tabard

Image: Miss Fu-sion, aka Linda Hall

For one night only …

Miss Fu-sion appeared at Theatre at the Tabard on Monday night (22 April). Aka Linda Hall, born and bred in Chiswick, Linda chose the Tabard as the place to launch her new dance single Heart Rush because not only does she still have many friends in Chiswick, and her mother lives here, but also she has many clients who know her from teaching dance and fitness classes at the Hogarth Club, and Virgin Active Riverside and Chiswick Business Park.

Linda is relaunching her career as a singer and dancer having raised her family. She always wanted to be on the stage; having started secondary school at Gumley House Convent School, the Roman Catholic school in Isleworth, she quickly realised she would rather be at the Barbara Speake Stage School in Acton, and persuaded her mother that’s where she should go.

When she left school at 16 she started dancing professionally in the West End, spending her summers doing holiday camp variety shows and the Christmas period in pantomimes. She remembers being very excited about appearing on Saturday Superstore with a band.

“I love every aspect of music – jazz, musical theatre, pop. The one thing Gumley School did give me was that I learned classical guitar there.”

Image: At the gym

She played at Glastonbury in 1998 with a girl band called Lash. The band broke up soon after, but the experience gave her one lasting benefit. She met her husband Chris at Glastonbury, as he was in a boy band which shared the same manager.

In typical show-biz manager style, their manager told Chris that Linda had a boyfriend already, but he didn’t manage to stop them getting together, nor was he able to stop his girl band from breaking up.

Linda and Chris bought a house in Surrey and had two children. Chris changed to a ‘sensible’ career in property development, while Linda built a career as a dance and fitness instructor.

She has taught at most of the big health centres and gyms in and around Chiswick, Brentford and Isleworth. Now she is “out the other side” of raising children, she is relaunching her career as a performer with her new dance single Heart Rush.

Image: At the gym

Why the stage name ‘Miss Fu-sion’?

Being on the road with a band can lead to some unhealthy habits, Linda told The Chiswick Calendar.

“I was so aware of my weight I wouldn’t eat during the day, then we’d eat late at night after the performance and there was a big drinking culture, so I got into Kung Fu as a way of keeping fit. I had a good teacher who inspired me, and I now teach kids in schools.”

She went back to her own primary school, St Mary’s, to teach Tai Chi, and she still teaches in Kew.

But Monday was all about the music. ‘Fu’ is an echo of her love of Kung Fu, and ‘Fusion’ describes how she brings Latin, Jazz, acoustic guitar together in her show in which she sings, plays and dances with dancers from the Resolution Dance Company.

The show sold out a week ago, with a waiting list for tickets.

You can listen to Heart Rush here: Heart Rush – Miss Fu-sion and find out more about Linda on her website here: missfusion.uk