More ‘firsts’ for newly vaccinated Cassie the Cavapoochon puppy

Image above: Cassie by the river with owner Sharon

Cassie does Chiswick – Week 5

We have been following the progress of Cassie the Cavapoochon puppy as she settles into her new home in Chiswick. This week was her first week properly ‘out on the town’, post vaccinations. She and owner Sharon have been trying out the delights that Chiswick has to offer a dog and their companion.

Out on the town

By Sharon Moore

Cassie has had her first pampering session at Chiswick Dog. I was very nervous leaving her for an hour, but having visited the groomer during the week previously and chatted to them I felt more at ease.

They take an hour to wash, dry and trim the essentials. To start getting puppies used to the environment, they take their time, as the puppy may need a rest. I walked past after 50 minutes and Cassie was done and being cuddled while some bigger dogs were waiting to be collected.

The have different time slots for puppies and older dogs so they do not become too overwhelmed. She had the cutest little blow dry. I think she looks like a dog version of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

We also went to two dog friendly restaurants on the weekend. One was the Hart’s Boatyard in Surbiton, which allow dogs downstairs and outside, and the other was the local City Barge Pub on the river. Cassie was so exhausted after a playdate she slept through even with her friend Pringle the Pomeranian on the next seat.

Cassie is still getting used to walking on a lead, everything is so exciting to sniff, so we move very slowly and often in circles. I am looking forward to the next few puppy classes and getting out at lunchtime for some walks in Gunnersbury Park.

Images above: Sharon and Cassie at Urban Pantry

Pancakes at Urban Pantry

We went for pancakes at my favourite pancake spot in Chiswick, Urban Pantry, on Saturday. They are dog friendly and were so sweet they brought a blanket over for Cassie and a treat. Cassie had had a little walk in the morning so was quite tired and just sat in her bag sleeping while I tucked into their amazing pancakes with my friend.

Cassie also came out with me on Friday night to my friend’s home, as she has not spent much time in another home before. She was an absolute star, and had a ball with a new toy from my friend. There was a toilet mishap on the rug, but it was forgiven; she loved exploring the new space and fell asleep on the rug while we were having dinner.

Image above: Cassie with Sharon’s Mother’s Day present

Mother’s Day

We also celebrated Mother’s Day which gave me an excuse to get myself something and claim it was Cassie’s idea. The pet industry is massive and these days you can even get yourself little pottery models of your dog if you wished. I decided to keep it simple and get myself a very comfy sweater off Etsy, with a ‘Dog Mom’ label.

Being from South Africa we prefer the term ‘Mom’ to ‘Mum’, so it took some time for me to find this and then choccies and flowers were just an added treat. I know for so many days like this can be really hard for those who have lost their loved ones, so it is really just an important time to be kind and share love as much as possible. So, if anyone needs any Cassie Cuddles, please just let me know, she loves to give them, and it can completely change your day!

Cassie decided to try to eat the roses as you can see in the pic. She absolutely loves to try to eat most things in sight if she gets the chance and she loves cuddles and play time on her back trying to bite my fingers, gently most times, thankfully.

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