Mortlake recycling site reopens

The Townmead Rd Re-use and Re-cyclilng Centre in Mortlake is to reopen ‘for essential waste only’ from Monday 18 May.

A notice on the centre’s website warns:

‘Please do not go to the site unless you absolutely need to’.

It adds strict conditions for going to the site, but doesn’t as far as I can see, explain what ‘essential waste’ is.  The notice on the centre’s website reads:

‘This is not a return to normal operations. There are strict Government guidelines and restrictions in place to make sure visits to the site are safe for members of the public and staff.

‘In addition, please be aware that Townmead is adjacent to Mortlake Crematorium. At this current time the Crematorium is exceptionally busy with around 20 funerals a day. If mourners are delayed or unable to access the funeral of their loved one, it will be devastating for them. Therefore, we must prioritise access for vehicular traffic going to the Crematorium. Please be mindful of this before you leave your home.

‘Residents will only be able to go to Townmead on certain days and times. A limited number of vehicles will be allowed on site at any one time, so you will have to queue.We will have stewards in place helping to coordinate traffic. However, please be aware that if the site becomes too busy and unsafe, it might close at short notice.

‘Before you travel to Townmead Road, please review the information on these pages to determine if your journey is essential and to check which day you are eligible to attend’.

Collection of garden waste and bulky waste will also resume on the same day.

The Re-use and Re-cyclilng Centre is at Townmead Road (off Mortlake Road), Kew, TW9 4EL

Telephone: 020 8876 3281

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