Musical Museum in Brentford on brink of closure

Image above: The Musical Museum

Fundraiser started with hopes of raising £60,000

The Musical Museum in Brentford is in dire need of financial assistance, and its closure is a distinct possibility. The institution, which has been open for 60 years, has warned that without crucial funding, it may shut down as soon as April this year.

The museum has been a significant attraction for music and technology enthusiasts, boasting a collection ranging from small music boxes to the impressive Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ. It also houses nearly 20,000 music rolls and other rare artefacts, earning it a five-star rating on TripAdvisor as one of Greater London’s top attractions.

Beyond its exhibits, the museum serves as a hub for various community events, including social gatherings for the elderly, dance classes, theatre workshops, and more.

The Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted the museum’s operations, leading to increased financial strain alongside rising operational costs and energy bills. Despite efforts to reduce expenses, the museum, run by a registered UK charity, faces the risk of permanent closure.

To address this crisis, the Musical Museum has launched an emergency appeal for financial support through a GoFundMe campaign, to cover essential operating expenses such as lighting, heating, and building maintenance.

In a post on their GoFundMe page, the museum’s staff said they had been “very moved” by donations. They added:

“Although we still have a long way to go, we’re really encouraged by the progress to date.”