Mysterious little villages appear

Comedian Dara Ó Briain has noticed little villages have been sprouting up in Chiswick by the roadside.

A few days ago he spotted one in Chiswick High Rd. 

“Right” he told his Twitter fans, “, I bring you THE MADDEST LITTLE THING EVER. I only noticed this by chance today, I have no idea how long it has been there but; In the middle of Chiswick High Road there is a traffic island…. and somebody has built a tiny village on it.”

Then he noticed one on Sutton Court Rd.

“I had get on my hands and knees to see it properly, while traffic went past and people stared, but it is there, built on a concrete base. How long has it been there? Who built it? Who lives there?”

“Would love to know who put them there – mad but brilliant… Someone is putting a lot of effort into this and I love them for it”.

You’d think, being Irish, he’d know about the Little People. Maybe he wasn’t aware we have them here too.

BBC London will be visiting today to film a segment for the evening news and try and find out the architect. They look awfully like the ceramic houses which appeared in Abundance London‘s community art project last year, to me.

Known for their propensity for guerilla gardening (they’ve planted fresh tree pits recently in Devonshire Rd) I wonder if they have moved on to guerrilla urban regeneration for Little People.

Watch the BBC London video on the mystery of Why are tiny houses appearing on Chiswick streets?

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