Napoli on the Road wins best pizzeria in Europe outside Italy

Image: Napoli on the Road on Devonshire Road in Chiswick

Chiswick restaurant wins title out of 50 top European pizzerias

A pizzeria on Devonshire Road in Chiswick has been named the best pizzeria in Europe outside Italy.

Napoli on the Road topped the ranking over 50 other pizzerias at an event in Madrid on Monday 13 May. The event, 50 Top Pizza, listed the top fifty establishments after a thorough judging process in which restaurants were assessed during unannounced visits.

50 Top Pizza is an independent online guide which evaluates pizzerias with anonymous inspections during which the bill is paid in full.

The gala evening was hosted by Spanish TV personality and cookery host Verónica Zumalacárregui at the Fundación Pablo VI de Madrid.

Last year, the restaurant finished eighth with Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona taking the top spot but this year the Catalan pizzeria was bumped down to second place. The third place on the podium was taken by Via Toledo Enopizzeria in Vienna.

This is the second prestigious award won by Napoli on the Road in the last 12 months, after head chef Michele Pascarella and the restaurant’s founder won Global Pizza Maker of the Year 2023. Michele lost that title this year to Tonino Cogliano of IMperfetto in Puteaux, France.

Michele opened Napoli on the Road in September 2019, and despite the timing, the restaurant has done so well he is about to open his second, in Richmond, in June.

He started making pizza in Caserta, near Naples, at the age of 11. No, not as I lazily assumed, at his grandmother’s apron, but in a pizza restaurant where he was working to earn money. No one in his family worked in the hospitality industry.

He found he liked it and was good at it and came over here at the age of 19 with a group from central Italy setting up restaurants in Plymouth, Truro and Newquay. From there he went to Sartori, the famous Italian restaurant in Soho, then set up his own business with a van selling pizzas at street food markets, which he still does at food markets in Kensington.

Image: Michele Pascarella

The top ten restaurants in this year’s awards

1 Napoli on the Road – London

2 Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona

3 Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Vienna

4 50 Kalò – London,

5 Spree – Madrid

6 Pizza Zulu – Fürth, Germany

7 IMperfetto – Puteaux, France

8 nNea – Amsterdam

9 La Balmesina – Barcelona

10 Figurato Brothers – Madrid

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