Neighbours to the rescue

What do you do when you’re expecting 200 people for lunch and neither the chairs, the tables nor the marquee has been delivered?

Despair? Shout? Some of us might give in to a little hissy fit. Not Lucy Cufflin. The veteran caterer stayed completely calm and summoned up a Plan B.

Despite an email confirmation and talking to them on the phone last week she says, at 9.30am when they were meant to deliver the tables and chairs for Sunday’s Turnham Green Terrace street festival and the road was about to be closed, The Rocking Marquee Hire Co were nowhere to be seen.

Step forward the Master Sha Tao Centre, St Peter’s Church and Lucy’s neighbours Marty and Sarah Robinson. After a hasty phone call Marty and Sarah picked up 15 trestles and 30 chairs from St Peters while the team from Master Sha Tao Centre ferried chairs and tables from Lucy’s basement kitchen studio all the way up the road. Fortunately the sun shone and there was no need for the marquee.

Whitmans, who sponsored the day with a donation of £990 to cover 200 chairs, 30 tables and a 22m gazebo, have said they want no refund. They’d like the money to go to the Cookbook festival charities instead, and for some to go to St Peters Church for coming to the rescue.

Who says Londoners lack community spirit?!

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