New traffic wands installed on Turnham Green Terrace

12 October, 2020 / by Matt Smith

New traffic wands are being installed along Turnham Green Terrace, replacing the orange traffic barriers which were installed as a temporary measure in June. Critics have described the barriers as ‘ugly’, ‘a nightmare’ and ‘ruining the fibre of the street’.

They were installed under emergency powers introduced by central government so local councils could create space for social distancing in shopping streets. LB Hounslow took away parking spaces and at the same time took the opportunity to close the road to through traffic. Drivers can stop only if they have a disabled badge or if they are loading or unloading bulky or heavy goods.

The measures have provoked strong reactions from shoppers and traders who say that businesses are being impacted. See our story from 5 October:

Turnham Green Terrace Traders blame traffic restrictions “mayhem” for a dramatic drop off in trade

Images above: ‘Ugly’ orange traffic barriers along Turnham Green Terrace in the process of being replaced

Turnham Green Terrace’s traffic restrictions are a part of the Government’s wider initiative to encourage us all to cycle and walk and wean us off using our cars where possible. But traders have found that some of their customers just don’t come any more if they can’t drive there and park in the street. A major flaw in the design is that if you drive in, intending to park in a disabled bay or to stop and unload and there is no space available, you have no choice but to drive on, incurring a ticket as you do.

On the introduction of the new traffic wands one shopper on Turnham Green Terrace, who preferred not be named, told The Chiswick Calendar: ‘It looks better now but we still can’t park on the road and besides I thought that the whole thing was supposed to be temporary! These look like they’ll be here for ages.”

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