New Community Garden on Acton Green

Image above: Headteachers Henrietta Adams and Kit Thompson at Community Garden

Created by children from two schools, with a little help from their friends

Children from two preparatory schools in Bedford Park, aided by teachers and parents, have planted a community garden on Acton Green.

The two schools – Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School and Orchard House – are merging in 2024 and in preparation they have been working on projects together, allowing their members to come together to socialise, learn and work together towards a common goal.

Their first project has been the community garden, which they have created with the help of the environmental group Abundance London. “Nature”, says Charlotte Hands-Wicks, a teacher at Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School “is close to our hearts”.

“Though young, the pupils are already aware of the world around them, and starting to discover as they grow, how they have the opportunity and power, to shape and protect it.

“As a community, we encourage discussions around nature, sustainability and the environment through different lessons such as science, geography, pshe and art, as well as highlighting and celebrating Awareness Days such as World Ocean Day and Earth Day.”

Images above: New shoots promising an autumn crop

The school groups have created two large, raised flowerbeds full of herbs, fruits, vegetables as well as bee and butterfly friendly plants. The sign for the gardens, a painted wooden tree slice, was handmade by a Year six  pupil from Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School.

The garden, only a few minutes’ walk from both schools, “is blooming in the summer sunshine and is already producing some edible delights” Charlotte tells The Chiswick Calendar. In fact, as most of the work was done at the end of the summer term, the garden has already produced some herbs which have been used in school lunches.

“The Community Garden has already proved to be a great collaborative venture” says Charlotte. “Abundance London and Ealing Council have been vital in establishing the project and with support from Dukes Education, Wheelers Flowers and our Community Garden Team, we have been able to bring the Community Garden to life.”

Their team of volunteers made up of staff and families from both schools will maintain the garden, and the pupils from both school will also use it as an outdoor classroom resource.

“The Community Garden has been a fantastic opportunity for the schools to unite and create a beautiful and bountiful legacy in Chiswick.”

Image above: Garden signs by Abundance London and a Year six  pupil from Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School

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