New Home Living showroom opening in Chiswick

Outdoor kitchens popular since Covid

Chiswick is getting a new home living showroom / design centre, opening soon at 540 Chiswick High Rd. Complementing the various other lifestyle shops and showrooms we already have which focus on interiors, the Home Living Group sell outdoor kitchens. They sell indoor furnishings as well, such as fitted wardrobes, but the company, which started just across the river in Richmond, specialise in outdoor kitchens.

When I spoke to managing director Sinead Turnbull I asked her to repeat that when she first said it, to make sure I had heard it right. Barbeques and firepits I am familiar with, ‘outdoor kitchens’ not so much.

“During Covid everyone realised doing development work on their outside space was not a bad idea” she told me. “Bigger projects with architects and developers are now extending beyond the back door.”

We are talking full-on kitchens with cupboards and sinks, a gas grill, a smoker perhaps, a fridge and a champagne bucket.

Image above: Outdoor kitchen – Surbiton Project; Home Living Group

“People want outdoor entertaining space”

They are opening their new showroom in Chiswick, which has been taking shape over the past few weeks, because they are expanding.

Sinead and her husband Darren started The Home Living Group two years ago with product design specialist Grant Davison because they saw the trend coming as people spent more time at home and started re-evaluating their living space.

“People want outdoor entertaining space” she said.

Image above: Cubic kitchen; Home Living Group

Waterproof? Sustainable?

Two manufacturers of bespoke outside kitchens they already have on display are Cubic and Outopia.

Cubic kitchens specialise in bespoke contemporary design and innovative cooking methods:

‘Where customisation is key, every kitchen can be planned ergonomically and centred around your cooking an entertaining needs’.

Cubic outdoor kitchens are fully weatherproof and promise completely dry storage all year round.

Not all manufacturers guarantee their kitchens are completely waterproof. Some may need a little wipe down after heavy rain, but you wouldn’t want to store food in cardboard boxes outside anyway, so that is not an insurmountable problem. They do not use materials which would go mildewed or mouldy.

Image above: Outopia kitchen

Design innovation

Outopia also specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of luxury outdoor kitchens and are they say ‘a design innovator’ in the field of outdoor kitchens. ‘The secret to Outopia Living’s superior quality lies in the 100% extruded aluminium profiles in which the entire cabinetry unit (front, body, shelving) is constructed’.

That answered one of my questions – rust. Not a problem apparently. When Sinead explained a lot of outdoor kitchen manufacturers use powder coated steel – the stuff the hulls of boats are made from, guaranteed to survive temperatures from minus 40 degrees to plus 40 degrees, that made sense.

The surfaces also withstand hot temperatures.

“You can put hot stuff from the side burner or barbecue. They’re literally bullet proof and some of them have 25 year guarantees” said Sinead.

Image above: Pronorm kitchen

Exclusive dealers for Pronorm indoor kitchens

The Home Living Group are also the exclusive dealer for Pronorm, who make indoor kitchens:

‘luxury German kitchens, exquisitely designed, offering exceptional design, flexibility and service”.

This is a brand “we trust implicitly” they say, “for their impressive designs, flexibility, seamless engineering and value for money.”

Pronorm Kitchen Design are also exclusive retailers of the brand new i-Luminate concept, the only one in London of a new concept in lighting design for kitchens.

Images above: Morsø Forno wood fired oven; Monolith grill; Kamado Joe ceramic grill


Grant is the design head, as his background is in kitchen design and installation. It’s his job to make sure the customer experience is flawless. They suggest a five step process:

  • Download a brochure for some creative inspiration: The Home Living Group’s outdoor kitchen ranges, gas BBQs, smokers, ceramic grills …
  • Discovery meeting to make sure the customer understands the products they offer and how they work and to make sure they understand the customer’s aspirations with the project
  • Design by consultation, discussing design options
  • Refinement and costs. When you get the formal quotation you can work out whether you can actually afford it or whether you might have to compromise on some of the more expensive options you went for initially
  • Installation. Once your order has been placed they schedule an installation date

This is where I would have to add one more – learn how to cook on an outdoor grill!

The Home Living Group showroom is due to open soon and you can already go in and have a look at the designs on show by appointment.

540 Chiswick High Rd,
Chiswick, W4 5RG

Tel: 0208 434 2676

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