New Japanese tea cafe to open on Chiswick Back Common

Image above: The premises (in green) are currently being prepared for opening

Matcha-oriented cafe to open this week

Matchado, a new café specialising in traditional Japanese tea, is gearing up for its grand opening near Chiswick Back Common. Located at the former site of Good Boy Café on Elliot Road’s corner, Matchado is poised to introduce locals to the authentic flavours of Japanese tea culture.

Previously renowned for selling this unique tea – the very essence used in the revered traditional Japanese tea ceremony – through online platforms and pop-up stalls, Matchado is making its inaugural foray into the physical realm with this venture. Alongside serving the classic tea, the café will also offer various products infused with this exceptional tea, including baked goods.

While the anticipated opening is expected during the week commencing Monday, 11 December, the café is still in the final stages of interior fittings, delaying the exact launch date.

Described as ‘smooth, mellow, and devoid of bitterness’, Matcha boasts a distinctive rich and frothy texture. Its vibrant green hue is a product of natural ingredients, ground meticulously into a fine powder, allowing for the smooth and frothy concoction when whisked.

Renowned for its high concentration of antioxidants, as the entire leaf is consumed, Matcha is purported to surpass other green teas in health benefits. It is claimed that it can aid metabolism and promote weight loss, contributing to its longstanding popularity in Japan for centuries.

Beyond its traditional role as a tea, Matcha is used for cooking. Whether enhancing the flavour of smoothies and ice cream or being used as a key ingredient in sweet and savoury Japanese dishes, Matcha is ‘a staple in diverse gastronomic experiences’.