New online health classes from Trust

With many now returning to work, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust have adapted their sessions to fit around everyone’s busy schedules. They have also added new classes including HIIT training and “morning stretch”. Feel free to join in.

Full details below:

HIIT training A high intensity interval full body workout to burn fat and improve fitness and strength. Suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness Every Monday 7.30am-7.55am and every Thursday 5.30pm-6pm
Morning Stretch A morning wake-up with gentle stretches to loosen and re-align the muscles. Helps with circulation and your posture. Every Monday 8am-8.30am
Tabata High intensity interval training. Eight sets of fast-paced exercises each for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest. Not suitable for anyone with joint, respiratory or cardiac difficulties Every Tuesday at 12:45-1:15pm and every Friday 7.30am-8am
Pilates for all A low-impact form of exercise that strengthens muscles and improves posture, flexibility and balance. Build core strength and move with the breath. Suitable for all levels. Every Wednesday 7.30am-8am and every Thursday 1pm-1.30pm

To book your place, email