New section of Cycleway 9 from Kew Bridge to Watermans opens

Image above: Will Norman – London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner – on the new section of Cycleway 9

New section is part of larger extension into Hounslow

A new segment of Cycleway 9 has been officially opened between Kew Bridge and Watermans in Brentford. The latest addition to west London’s growing cycle network is a segregated, bi-directional section that stretches for 300 meters, connecting Kew Bridge and Watermans Park.

Work on this section started on 27 March and is now fully accessible. It effectively links the existing cycle track along the South Circular with a new route through Watermans Park, culminating near the arts centre.

The cycleway’s eastern endpoint, starting at the Kew Bridge junction, allows cyclists to travel in both directions along the south side of Kew Bridge Road. However, as it progresses beyond the Regatta Point Building, it shifts to a one-way track on either side of the road.

Cyclists are granted a separate signalized crossing just east of the Musical Museum. Westbound cyclists have a seamless link to the cycle path through Watermans Park.

Image above: A map of the new section of Cycleway 9; via Hounslow Council

Raised paving has been installed to physically separate cyclists from other road users, and adjustments to the layout of side-roads have been made to enhance cyclist visibility to emerging vehicles.

As part of this project, existing bus stops in the affected section have been relocated to islands, necessitating that passengers cross the cycleway to access public transportation.

Plans have already been drafted for a forthcoming extension of the cycleway that will pass through the heart of Brentford, ultimately reaching Hounslow. This future expansion promises to further enhance the cycling infrastructure in West London.

The completion of this project is expected to alleviate congestion problems in the area, which had been exacerbated by ongoing work on the A4 road.

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