New vegan market for Chiswick

Image above: Parlé Pantry sisters Dee and Ruken

Local vegan food cafe Parlé Pantry welcomes the new market

Chiswick will be home to a new Vegan market this Sunday (3 July), alongside the Chiswick Flower Market. While the flower market will occupy its usual position in Old Market Place, outside the George IV pub, the vegan market will have 20 stalls running east along the south side of the high road from Devonshire Rd towards Hammersmith, open from 10am – 4pm.

Front and centre will be Parlé Pantry, Chiswick’s only totally vegan food establishment, with a stall selling salads (Mediterranean couscous and falafel / red cabbage), potato borek, their take on a New York deli sandwich, pastries and cakes (almond / carrot / banana) and tarts (apple / tomato – gluten free).

Sisters Dee and Ruken have been running their cafe on the corner of Cranbrook Rd since 2018. All their food is freshly prepared daily with a large variety of gluten-free and sugar-free options to cater for all dietary requirements. If you have a Chiswick Calendar Club Card you can use it to claim your 10% discount at the market stall as well as in the cafe.

The cafe will be open on Sunday as usual, from 8.30 – 5pm. The stall will be further down, along with a mix of traders selling everything from sweets to wellness supplements.

“We’re really excited about it” Dee told The Chiswick Calendar.

Image above: Halva from Sesame Kingdom (Vanilla / Pistachio / Chocolata)

Ethical coffee, bamboo toothbrushes and ‘the best Halva in the world’

Among the other traders will be Bake4Lov LTD, selling desserts: Macarons, Petit Gateau, Mousses, Cheesecakes, Jamaican Ginger slices and lots more. The Brew Crew Coffee Co. will be selling its ethically sourced coffee ‘directly from farms and cooperatives, or from fellow social enterprise importers who put the farmers first’.

Ecohaven sell products such as bamboo toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and safety razors that are sustainable, recyclable, zero waste, and plastic free, while The Vegan Soap Company London sell vegan friendly soaps made from all natural ingredients (too early for Christmas presents?)

Sesame Kingdom sells what it describes modestly as ‘the best Halva in the world’, while La Cena sells ceramic plate / graters for chilli, nutmeg, garlic and anything else that might need grating.

Image above: Grater plates from La Cena

The Super Hot Chilli Company

I spoke to Steve Goring from Redhill in Surrey, who runs The Super Hot Chilli Company. Usually he grows his own chillies, but he is replacing his polytunnel this summer, so he will be selling chillies imported from Spain and Rwanda as well as some grown locally.

A chef who has previously run his own restaurants, he started The Super Hot Chilli Company during lockdown.

“I was so bored I started making sauces – the best chilli sauces around” he promises.

He will have chilli sauces, jams, chutneys and pastes for sale as well as fresh and dried chillies. Concerned about the company name, I asked him whether they were all super hot. They’re not, he said, which led to a very interesting conversation about scoville heat units – the measure used to assess the heat of a chilli.

His mildest is a Red fire flame from Rwanda, at 10,000 scoville heat units. His hottest is a Trinidad Moruga scorpion, at 1.5 million scoville heat units.

(Fun facts: chillies can do real damage. The Bhut Jolokia at 1.14 million has been used to make tear gas. The hottest chilli in the world is the Carolina Reaper at 2.2 million. He has one on display but doesn’t sell them. A talking point, no doubt, a discussion I intend to continue on Sunday).

Images above: Vegan burger, pies, kebabs, cakes and desserts from previous markets

“Bringing something new and interesting to the High Rd” – Ollie Saunders

The traders have been selected by the Vegan Market Co, which puts on vegan markets in more than 50 locations in towns and cities across the UK. They have been invited by the Chiswick Flower Market to share the area in which they are licenced to hold a market.

Director Ollie Saunders said the vegan market would be “bringing something new and interesting to the High Road.”

He told The Chiswick Calendar:

“It’s a trial – it’s new and we hope interesting – and we’re keen to hear what people think.

“At the Jubilee market we decided to experiment with hiring a carousel and offering free rides. From about 10am every horse had a child on it until we closed!”

Founder of the Vegan Market Co., Lewis Beresford said:

“We are so excited to be in Chiswick for the first time. We work hard to find the country’s leading vegan producers, from street food vendors and bakers to ethical clothing and cosmetic producers.

“We also work with many local businesses and can’t wait to give all of these fantastic producers the platform they deserve and introduce them to the wonderful people of Chiswick.”

Image above: Chiswick Flower market; photograph Frank Noon

Chiswick Flower Market celebrates Pride

In a last hurrah for Pride month, which has seen a programme of events throughout June, the flower market will have the rainbow flags out. The Pride in London parade is this Saturday in central London and the flower market will be  joining forces with the West London Queer Project, who have a programme of events in the Boston Room at George IV on Sunday.

They are holding a special event for LGBTQ+ parents and their children and a Pride Party in the George IV from 3pm with a barbecue in the garden and a performance from the “riotously funny” (The Independent) Crayola the Queen at 8pm.

Chiswick School Choir and Steel Band will be back at the market by popular request, along with Jasmine Earl and her Disney songs, Kenta with his Japanese music, and guitarist Alistair Pope.

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