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Image above: a stall at Chiswick Cheese Market by David Insull

by Fran Warde

The sun beamed brightly for the Easter bunny hunt amongst the cheese stalls at our April market (which was a great success for chocolate-loving young ones).  Stall holders were happily selling their wares; adults were shopping and chatting about Cheesewick life; and everyone was talking CHEESE!

The cheese mongers and makers arrived at the Easter Sunday Market with a superb, and increased, selection of cheeses for all our loyal customers to choose from. Now, we have heard that some discerning consumers are filling their fridges just once a month with cheeses from our market and this comes as no surprise – we do too!

First off, I made my way to award winning White Lake Cheese Company. They joined us for the first time with their fine range of over 20 cheeses made in Shepton Mallet from Guernsey cow, ewe and goat milks. Amongst others I chose Tor, a fresh and smooth, ash-coated goat’s cheese that becomes fuller-bodied with age. It has an unusual almost pyramid shape which I mention because the cutting of a cheese is very important.

Image above: Wild Garlic Yarg cheese, Pevensey Blue cheese

To me, in order to get the full flavour from the centre to the outside of a cheese, it should always be cut in wedge like a cake. Once in our house I was found with steam coming out of my ears when the top of the Tor had been aggressively lobbed off!  Philistines! Conversations were had and lessons given in how to cut a cheese with promises received that this cheese butchery would never happen again. Any fine cheese has to be looked after and cut and eaten appropriately.

Back at the Market, Faye on Big Wheel Cheese arrived with a superb cheese offering that won gold at the World of Cheese Awards 2021, Wild Garlic Yarg.  Produced with the milk from their Ayrshire herd, the recipe and method is identical to the much loved Nettled Cornish Yarg apart from the final dressing being in an artistic wrapping of pungent wild garlic leaves which is left for six weeks to absorb the natural magic of the leaves. This difference creates a slightly firmer cheese that has the delightful addition of a gentle, garlicky flavour.

In May it’ll be the 1st anniversary of our lovely Chiswick Cheese Market.  I know, I know, time flies when you’re eating cheese. We are going to mark the occasion with a CHEESE TASTING at our Market HQ which is being kindly offered by one of our longstanding stall holders, Heritage Cheese. The fabulous Shane Holland from Slow Food UK will be on hand with advice on tasting. You’ll be guided through tasting three cheeses and then be asked to select your favourite and we’ll announce the winner, chosen by you, the public, on social media.

Big congratulations to Pevensey Cheese who won Best Cheese at The Artisan Cheese Awards in April – Faye from Big Wheel cheese will be selling it at the market in May.

Image above: packaged Tor cheese, Tor cheese – properly cut

Your chance to name a cheese

Itis with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of Lynda Hill founder and respected cheese maker at The Marlow Cheese Company.

James, her husband and cheese market stall holder is taking the helm at the dairy and continuing with Lynda’s original recipe for their famous Cygnet cheese. Furthering that recipe, he has cheekily swapped Guernsey cows milk for sheep’s / ewes, creating another beautiful small soft cheese with an edible rind – it starts off firm and delicate, then when mature it breaks down into a soft and runny stronger flavoured cheese. He is also smoking some of these cheeses and what’s more he is looking for a name for that new cheese – could you come up with a great name?

Visit the Marlow Cheese stall this Sunday, meet the cheese, chat with James and let them both inspire you!

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