Next phase of road changes in Chiswick announced

Image above: Road sign for Prebend Gardens at the junction with Bath Rd

LB Hounslow has been introducing a programme of traffic management restrictions across the borough throughout June and July. They have been phasing in their traffic changes, sorting out those they can do quickly with a few planters and bollards first, then moving on to to the ones which need expensive cameras and signage.

They have also been consulting residents and in some cases making changes – see my story on the changes to the Edensor Rd ‘School Street’ plan.

The next phase is a mix of planned and reactive measures, having had feedback from residents about the expected impact of the first two phases. Among the next raft of traffic measures will be changes to the Prebend Gardens area off Bath Rd and changes to Lawford Rd in Grove Park ‘following requests from residents or councillors’.

Prebend Gardens low traffic area

The council is introducing eleven more Low Traffic areas, including one in Gunnersbury Garden Estate and one in Prebend Gardens Area. After closing off Fisher’s Lane and Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick to through traffic, drivers either have to go west to Acton Lane or east to Goldhawk Rd to get from Bedford Park to the High Rd. Residents of Prebend Rd are worried that, although their road already has a no right turn onto Chiswick High Rd to prevent people using it as a cut through, the changes will introduce a whole new fleet of vehicles who will give it a go regardless.

Image above: Google Maps showing Prebend Gardnes, which runs from Bath Rd to Chiswick High Rd

Lawford Rd closure

Hounslow have listed more Street Schools, none of them for schools in Chiswick, (those have already been announced) and three more closures of residential roads, one of which is Lawford Rd in Grove Park. As councillors and residents have been scrutinising the new traffic management plans, they are working out how the changes might affect them by creating changes to the traffic flow.

As part of the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhoods project, cars will no longer be able to drive all the way along Staveley Rd, so they aren’t able to use it as a cut through from the A316 to the A4, avoiding Hogarth roundabout. Staveley Road has over 5,500 vehicles along it on the average weekday, according to the council’s traffic surveys. In the busiest hour during the week there are just under 500 vehicles. The plan is to block the road so drivers are forced to turn north or south into Park Rd instead.

Image above: Google Maps showing Lawford Rd, which connects Park Rd with Sutton Court Rd.

Cllr Sam Hearn just happens to live on the corner of Park Rd and Lawford Rd, so when the council says Lawford Rd will be closed ‘following requests from residents or councillors’ I’m making a wild guess that he’s not keen on a steady flow of extra traffic past his bedroom window.

Council officers are also looking at cycling improvements on six other roads, including Chiswick Lane.

More details

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