Next phase of work to C9 to go ahead in September

Image above: C9 as it is now, with temporary bollards in place along Chiswick High Rd

C9 phase 3B goes ahead despite major roadworks on the A4

LB Hounslow is still planning to go ahead with the next phase of work on C9 in Chiswick High Rd in September despite major roadworks on the A4.

Transport for London is carrying out essential maintenance on the Cromwell Rd Railway Bridge over the railway line that runs between Gunnersbury and Kew Gardens. The works starting on Friday 5 August will last until the end of the year.

Traffic is likely to be displaced from the A4 onto Chiswick High Rd at the same time as they are putting in new bus shelters and digging up side crossings in the next phase of work on C9 towards making the cycleway a permanent fixture.

Image above: C9 at the Hammersmith end of Chiswick High Rd where permanent paved barriers have been installed

Work to be carried out in the next phase of C9

The works on Chiswick High Rd will take place all along the main shopping area from the junction of the High Rd with Chiswick Lane in the east to the turning on Heathfield Terrace to the west.

  • The current temporary cycleway segregation measures will be replaced with with permanent paved barriers.
  • New entry treatments and raised tables will be installed at the junctions with Cranbrook Road, Brackley Road, Devonshire Road, Linden Gardens (entry & exit) and Duke’s Road.
  • New eastbound and westbound bus shelters will be put in at Cranbrook Road, Mayfield Avenue and Linden Gardens.
  • Turn left exit only for motorised vehicles will be installed at the junction of Duke’s Road and the High Rd.
  • New parking spaces installed near Duke’s Road Junction and a new advanced stop line for cyclists installed near the junction with Acton Lane.
  • Junction resurfacing and installation of yellow box junction marking at Chiswick High Road junction with Turnham Green Terrace & Annandale Road and at Junction with Duke Avenue
  • New Zebra crossing on Chiswick High Road junction with Linden Gardens one way exit.
  • Resurfacing of westbound carriageway of Chiswick High Road at Heathfield Terrace.

We will take action “should the need arise”

Image: LB Hounslow Leader Cllr Shantanu Rajawat

In their press release about the A4, TfL say:

‘The works have been co-ordinated with other road works in the area to further minimise disruption.’

Council Leader Shantanu Rajawat confirmed to The Chiswick Calendar they were still planning to go ahead with the C9 works in September. He told us the traffic management plan would be kept “under regular review.”

“We are working closely with Transport for London (TfL) on the next phase of construction for their temporary Cycleway 9 scheme” he said.

“We are working closely with TfL regarding traffic management plans in order to keep disruption to all road users to an absolute minimum.

“Roadworks on the A4 and Cycleway9 will be managed together effectively to minimise impact on traffic flow and we will keep the traffic management plan under regular review, taking action should the need arise.”

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