A Night In at the Orange Tree Theatre

Just because you are at home doesn’t meant you cant enjoy the wonders of the theatre. The Orange Tree theatre is giving audiences the opportunity to watch UK premiere of the play Amsterdam by Maya Arad Yasur from the comfort of your home.

Amsterdam follows the life of An Israeli violinist. Living in her trendy canal-side Amsterdam apartment. Nine months pregnant. One day a mysterious unpaid gas bill from 1944 arrives. It awakens unsettling feelings of collective identity, foreignness and alienation. Stories of a devastating past are compellingly reconstructed to try and make sense of the present. A strikingly original, audacious thriller by Maya Arad Yasur, a prize-winning Israeli playwright, whose work has been produced worldwide.

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only immerse yourself in a compelling story but also to support your local theatre company in these unprecedented times.

Watch free for a limited time. For more information please click here