Nine-year-old Chiswick girl publishes her first book

Image above: front cover of Poems & Stories for Little People (written by one) by Miranda Sofia

Enter a world “brimming with imagination and creativity”

A talented nine-year-old from Chiswick, Miranda Sofia, has published her first book called Poems and Stories for Little People (written by one).

The book includes a collection of tales about friendship and family, thought-provoking poems and illustrations. Miranda and her family hope her book will inspire children to express themselves and explore their creativity through writing.

Wisdom House Publishing, the publisher working with Miranda, say they are thrilled to be giving life to the young author’s voice:

“At Wisdom House Publishing nothing gives us greater pleasure than bringing an author’s voice to life. Publishing Miranda’s book was particularly rewarding as she is the youngest author we have worked with. Her talent and vivid imagination shine through on every page. It is wonderful that someone so young has such remarkable writing skills…”

Image above: Miranda with her book; publicity for the book

Miranda, who comes from a Latino family with Venezuelan roots, has always loved reading. Miranda’s proud father, Javier Rosales, says the book invites readers to “enter a world brimming with imagination and creativity”, where they can enjoy Miranda’s vivid storytelling.

Miranda’s book has been selling quickly in Chiswick and has received positive reviews. It has even gained international success, with sales in seven countries. Readers have praised Miranda’s talent, giving her book many five-star ratings.

Poems and Stories for Little People is available for purchase on popular online platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can find out more about Miranda and her book on her website: