No cause for concern with drinking water in Chiswick, say Thames Water

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Problems with water quality

Thames Water has said there is no cause for concern with drinking water in Chiswick, after routine tests were carried out last month.

Water quality has come under suspicion in the past few weeks since South West Water told customers to boil their tap water in Devon after cryptosporidium, a parasite that can cause a diarrhoea-type disease, had been found in the water supply around Brixham.

Last week concerns were raised about the quality of drinking water supplied by Thames Water after families living in Beckenham, south east London suffered from diarrhea and vomiting.

Thames Water said this was not caused by contaminated tap water after carrying out what they described as ‘extensive’ testing in the area, though one newspaper report suggested they had only tested one affected property.

At the weekend the water company issued an urgent ‘do not drink’ notice to hundreds of homes in Surrey following water tests which indicated a ‘possible deterioration’ in the quality of drinking water ‘in some areas’. This was thought to be because of a historic fuel leak from the village petrol station in Bramley.

When the Environment Agency evaluated the performance of water companies last year, South West Water was at the bottom of the performance league, awarded only one star.

Thames Water, the biggest UK water company, was awarded two stars (out of eight). While they were found to be providing clean drinking water, the Environment Agency also found it was ‘not meeting basic environmental requirements.’

Water quality tests from Chiswick came back “clear” after routine testing in May

In Chiswick, some people have told The Chiswick Calendar they have started boiling their tap water as a precaution, as they have little confidence in Thames Water.

Thames Water has told The Chiswick Calendar they have carried out almost 2,000 tests across London in May, including in the Chiswick area, as part of their routine testing, all of which have come back clear.

They told us:

“There is zero evidence that the water we are supplying is causing any illness.

“Where customers have reported an issue we are undertaking tests, all of which have so far come back showing that London’s water remains at our usual high quality, wholesome standards.

“We have carried out extensive testing in the Beckenham area since last week, including the reservoirs and water treatment works that serve this and other areas as well as at customers’ properties. This includes tests from 16 homes all of which have come back clear, and almost 2,000 tests across London this month, again, all of which have come back clear.

“We are continuing to test in the area, but this is to provide reassurance and not because we have found any issues. This is on top of our routine work to continuingly monitor and carry out regular sampling across the whole of our supply area, which verifies the excellent quality of the drinking water we supply.

“We take the quality of our water extremely seriously – it is the highest quality drinking water in the world – and since 2010 more than 99.95% of tests taken from customers’ taps met the standard required by UK legislation. Every year we carry out more than 500,000 tests, taking samples from source to tap.

“Customers can find information about their water supply by inputting their postcode on our website. Should anyone be concerned about their tap water, we’d encourage them to contact us.”

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