No new Covid cases in Chiswick 12 – 18 August

Image above: Housnlow Safer Business advisers Tony Martin and Boris Hristov

We haven’t had any new cases of Covid-19 in Chiswick in the last week (12 – 18 August), according to data from the Office of National Statistics.

The previous week Kelly O’Neill, Director of Public Health at Hounslow Council, issued a warning that there had beena ‘large rise’ in Honslow, naming Chiswick specifically as one of the places in the borough where there was a concentration of cases.

“The spread of cases suggests it’s due to wider family and friend groups meeting and not maintaining social distancing” she said.

‘Get tested if you have symptoms’

In his weekly letter Council leader Steve Curran reminded people who have symptoms to get tested. Hounslow hosts a Mobile Testing Unit every three days.

‘If you have symptoms of coronavirus, it is important that you get tested. You and your household should also self-isolate and only leave the house to go and get tested’.

If you are a Keyworker in Hounslow, you are entitled to be tested regularly, even if you do not have symptoms, to prevent asymptomatic spread of coronavirus

The locations of Mobile Testing Units are published on the council’s website. They usually operate from 10.30am-3.30pm. You need to book an appointment online before you go to the site.

To find out where the Mobile Testing Unit will be operating next, see LB Hounslow website

Appointments are open from 6pm the night before the testing opens e.g. if the Mobile Testing Unit is on a Sunday, appointments open on the Saturday at 6pm.

To book an appointment, book on the NHS website or call 119.

People living in the borough of Hounslow can also get a free test at local testing sites in Ealing. Visit the Ealing Council website for more information.

If you have any issues or queries, please contact the Public Health team at

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