Not in the EU but still in Europe

So we left the EU, after all that. I didn’t see much celebration in Chiswick.

I was taken by the words of German born Friedrich Ernst, who spoke to the Times:

‘I am so upset. I have been upset for more than three years. I have lived for 27 years in this country and I have done so much for it – I have been a school governor, a member of the neighbourhood watch and joined my local park friends’ group. I am a Londoner but I no longer feel like one’.

I hope anyone in Chiswick who comes from continental Europe knows that as far as Chiswick is concerned nothing has changed in terms of the way British born locals feel about our fellow Europeans. Chiswick voted 70% Remain.

Most people in London come from somewhere else. That’s the joy of it! People come here to be designers and software engineers, bankers and bar staff and we value the contribution they have made and continue to make.

The most obvious benefit to Chiswick has been the growth of our cafe society, largely influenced by continental Europe. Remember what food in pubs and cafes was like in 1973?!

Have a look at our European Chiswick guide here. If you feel the need for comfort eating, there are plenty of choices of homemade fresh pasta, Polish pancakes, tapas style sharing platters and haute cuisine.