Not on the list

Not on the list of candidates any longer is Tom Dragicevic (pictured left), a civil engineer who has lived in Chiswick for 53 years who was on Labour’s provisional list. He’s not now standing and the reasons are slightly opaque. A Labour party source told me he wasn’t selected, despite an appeal. He told me he pulled out because of a family matter. In his place is Tom White (pictured right).


Pact between the Greens and the Lib Dems

The Lib Dems and Greens have come to an agreement not to field candidates in every ward, so that each has a better chance of election. In a joint press statement they say: ‘Because the deeply flawed first past the post (FPTP) voting system favours the two largest parties in Hounslow and penalises alternative parties, Hounslow Greens and Hounslow Liberal Democrats have agreed to stand aside in two of the Hounslow wards in May’s Hounslow London Borough elections’.

There will be no Green candidate standing in Turnham Green ward and no Liberal Democrat standing in Brentford ward. The electoral pact does not imply support for each other’s policies locally or nationally, but is merely a pragmatic move because ‘the constraints of the electoral system have forced us to make some difficult choices to get more diverse voices on Hounslow Council’.