Notorious serial killer Levi Bellfield to be questioned over girl who went missing from Ealing 24 years ago

Image above: Levi Bellfield; photograph Metropolitan Police

New alleged confession from Bellfield sheds new light on case

Levi Bellfield, the notorious serial killer and rapist, is to be questioned over a suspected murder that took place 24 years ago.

It is alleged that Bellfield has signed a written statement confessing to the murder of Elizabeth Chau, who disappeared one mile from her Ealing home in 1999. The 19-year-old was reportedly dragged into a van by Bellfield.

The 54-year-old is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for three murders, including the killing of 13-year-old Milly Dowler.

His confession is said to give details not only of her burial but also information on five other attempted murders. Solicitor Theresa Clark claims to have received the confession from Bellfield last month and has since passed it on to the police. Bellfield is now likely to be interviewed under caution.

This news comes less than a month after Bellfield threatened legal action after his request to marry his girlfriend in prison was blocked. The previous Justice Secretary Dominic Raab sought to ban those serving life sentences from marrying under a Victims Bill.

Bellfield’s letter to his legal team warned of legal action if they did not receive a response within two weeks. Raab spoke out against the proposal, stating that it was inappropriate to allow someone like Bellfield to marry and that it could pose a risk to vulnerable people.

The latest developments have brought renewed attention to Bellfield’s crimes and the criminal justice system’s handling of his case. Despite serving three life sentences, Bellfield’s confession could lead to further investigations and a new trial.

The families of Bellfield’s victims have expressed hope that this new information will finally provide them with some closure and justice for their loved ones.