October 2019 Books

What’s new and good to read this month? Annakarin Klerfalk has a look at what’s on offer and chooses three good reads for October.

The Giver of Stars

Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You sold over 14 million copies and was followed by After You and Still Me. Her new novel, The Giver of Stars, is historical and opens in 1937. Alice Wright marries a handsome American to escape her dull life in England but the small town in Kentucky proves to be equally insufferable. So when a request goes out for a team of women to deliver books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library, Alice signs up immediately.

The ladies soon become known as the Horseback Librarians of Kentucky and a classic drama of loyalty, passion and justice unfolds. The Giver of Stars is based on a true story rooted in America’s past and is both funny and heartbreaking. The Bookseller reviews it as Jojo Moyes best yet. The Giver of Stars is out on 3 October.

The Lying Room

Nicci Gerrard and her husband Sean French write together under the name Nicci French. As a couple they are known to most people as ‘the bestselling author Nicci French’. The Lying Room is a standalone thriller by the bestselling author Nicci French. In a modern London apartment, Neve Connolly looks down at a murdered man but doesn’t call the police. Instead she cleans it. Thoroughly.

Neve is a wife, a mother, and a trusted collegue. But she has made a mistake. Her mistake escalates and brings those around her into danger. She can’t tell the truth and becomes a liar and a cheat. Could she also be a murderer? Novelist and poet Sophie Hannah said “Nicci French’s sophisticated, compassionate and gripping crime novels stand head and shoulders above the competition”. The Lying Room is also published on 3 October.


Emma Donoghue, bestselling author of Room, is back with a contemporary novel called Akin. A retired New York professor, Noah Selvaggio, receives a phone call from social services, as his young great nephew is suddenly an orphan. Noah feels obligated and takes Michael to the French Riviera in the hopes of uncovering his own mother’s war time secrets.

Noah comes to appreciate the boy’s wit and they both find that they are more akin than they thought as they share their painful life stories and start to write a new one together. Akin has both psychological tenderness and humour, published by Picador on 3 October.

Anna Klerfalk

Anna is a literary agent based in Chiswick who is keen to hear from authors trying to get their books published. Contact her on anna@intersaga.co.uk. She used to run the Waterstones bookshop in Chiswick. You can read more about her and Intersaga here


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