Oddono’s adds vegan ices to its Chiswick menu

Image above: Oddono’s ice cream

Italian ice cream made fresh on the premises every day

Oddono’s has added a range of vegan ices to its offer. Now, as well as the traditional ice creams made with double cream and milk you can buy five flavours (not necessarily all on offer at the same time) made with coconut oil instead of dairy products.

They started offering the vegan range: Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Vanilla to meet the increasing demand from both vegans and people who have allergies to dairy, Christian Oddono told The Chiswick Calendar.

Oddono’s has been on Chiswick High Rd for six years now. Christian set up the company with his business partner Marco Petracchini in 2004 when, as homesick expatriates, they wanted some decent ice cream. He grew up in Verona and Rome with his grandmother going to the market every day for fresh eggs and milk to make gelato at home.

Now they have seven gelateria in London at South Kensington, Battersea, Hampstead, East Dulwich, Stoke Newington, Wimbledon and Chiswick.

Image above: Oddono’s ice cream

Christian and Marco had backgrounds in business and finance, not food, so they went to the professional school of gelato making in Italy to learn how to do the job properly.

“Making gelato is a very scientific process” he told me. While ‘gelato’ is Italian for ice cream, it really means artisan ice cream. They make their gelato fresh every day on the shop premises.

“That is our biggest usp. The quality of the gelato is a different level when it’s fresh.”

Their ice cream is denser, he told me, containing less air than the ice creams you will find in a supermarket, with more fruit and cream per scoop.

“The basic ingredients are milk, double cream and different types of sucrose, a blend of dextrose and glucose. Each kind of sugar has a different effect on the product.”

Image above: Oddono’s ice cream

Pistachios from Sicily, vanilla from Madagascar

They do not use colouring, which is why he said their pistachio is not the bright green you might expect, nor do they use preservatives. He would even go as far as to say their ice cream is better than what you might find in Italy.

“We have regular customers in a neighbourhood, so we rely on quality and flavour. We want them to come back. At many of the tourist spots in Italy the customers are tourists who by definition, aren’t regular customers so they are not so bothered about the quality because they know their customers won’t be coming back.”

Their pistachios are greenish / brownish, toasted to bring out the flavour and bought in from Sicily.

“We have tried buying pistachios from Syria, California, Greece and Iran. Syrian pistachios were wonderful but you can’t get them any more since the war. Sicilian pistachios taste the best because they are grown on rich soil on the side of a volcano.”

They buy their vanilla from Madagascar from a family who have been growing it for generations and their chocolate from Peru.

“The fruit is probably the only ingredient that’s not fresh. We buy it frozen to ensure consistency. We tried making gelato with fresh fruit but the sugar content changes with the ripeness of the fruit which makes it too difficult to do commercially.”

Consistency is important because they need people to be able to buy ice cream for the freezer. If you make it at home it can me delicious fresh but when you freeze it you find you have a block of ice.

They were voted Best Ice Cream Parlour in the UK in 2007 and have not looked back. What about Amorino opening up on the High Rd? I asked him, in addition to Foubert’s, Duci and themselves.

“Competition is good” he said.

Oddono’s is a member of The Chsiwick Calendar’s Club Card scheme, offering Club Card holders 10% off anything in store (ice cream cakes as well as scoops or tubs). Please note that is in store only, not when delivered by Uber Eats / Deliveroo / Just Easts.


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