Ode to Cycleway 9

A poem about the political machinations surrounding what was originally proposed as Cycle Superhighway 9 and will now officially be known as a Cyclepath as it goes through Hammersmith and a Cycleway once in reaches Chiswick, in the hope that makes it more palatable to its opponents.

A cycle superhighway
That’s what the people need
So lycra louts so fit and trim
Can pedal through at speed

No, no a Superhighway
Gives quite the wrong impression
The image that we seek to give
Is of another fashion

We want it like the Netherlands,
With children in a trailer
And flowers on the handlebars
Chuck out that old inhaler

Reduce congestion
Clear the streets
Take lungfuls of clean air
And drive your old polluting cars
Along it if you dare

A Cycleway is what we need
It’s much more anodyne
Or even better ‘Cyclepath’
Not Superhighway nine

We’ll bamboozle them with labels
And confuse them with PR
So they won’t know the cycle route
Continues quite so far

CS9 is dead we say
Long live the cycle path
And those of you who want to drive
Can stick it up your arse