Olive Tennant wins Chiswick In Film Festival Young Film maker award

A chip off the old block?

Olive Tennant won the Chiswick In Film Festival Young Film Makers award for her short film 3 hours and 36 minutes, about how a childhood fantasy can allow a person to revisit a happy time when you want to and when you feel you need to.

The brief was to make a film about anything you liked, as long as a part of it was set in Chiswick. Olive, who is 12, shot the film in her home, with her father, the actor David Tennant, passing briefly through shot as an extra.

The films were judged by fellow Chiswick actor Colin Firth, and theatre director Michael Attenborough, who was there to present the prizes. Colin and Michael were given five entries to watch and Colin said in a pre-recorded message that he found it really hard to choose between them. He sent his apology that he was unable to be there in person, as he was travelling.

Video: Colin Firth 

David Tennant was there to see his daughter receive the prize for her film. Andrea Carnevali, a Bafta winning editor and one of the organisers of the Chiswick In Film festival said her film showed:

“a clear understanding of the film-making techniques here: point of view shots, slow motion, effects (from black and white to colour on the opening of the door) and even some “CGI” (the door in the park). The script has a lot of attitude.”

Runners up in joint second place were Gabriella Boyle, with her film Zest and Melody Moppett, with her film Storage Full.

In third place was Harvey Dobel with his film I got a date.

Image above: Andrea Carnevali with Harvey Dobel 

All the winners received goody bags from Chiswick Cinema.

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