One woman crusade to save motorists from fines

Image: Thanks to Hamish Pringle

A public spirited Chsiwick woman has made it her personal crusade to stop motorists from being fined as they drive down Turnham Green Terrace. For several days she has been walking up and down the Terrace with a banner trying to stop drivers from inadvertently being fined £130.

New signs were installed at the entrances to Devonshire Rd and Turnham Green Terrace at the beginning of July and by September more than 4,000 penalty notices had been issued. Most drivers paid £65 rather than delay and pay the full £130 but many have appealed, saying they hadn’t noticed the signs or that they didn’t understand what they meant. The signs allow ‘access’ but don’t explain what that means. If a driver is approaching from Hammersmith to enter Turnham Green Terrace, only once they have made the turn can they see the sign.

Parking bays were removed but disabled drivers are able to park and so are people loading or unloading heavy or bulky goods. If there are no spaces available though, even these drivers get fined as there is no option, in the absence of a space, but to drive straight through.

Images: Thanks to Hamish Pringle

The woman is being hailed as a hero on social media:

“She’s great. She’s saved others a lot of fines, bless her”


“I applaud you”.

A group of architects and planners who live in Bedford Park are now planning an online workshop about how Turnham Green Terrace can be improved, making it a more pleasant place to shop and dwell but without banning cars altogether. Details here:

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