“Our fight against the coronavirus is far from over” says Steve Curran

Image above: Hounslow House; Cllr Steve Curran

Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, says he’s waiting for more detail from Government on the relaxation of behaviour in public parks.

“We will take a precautionary approach until there is complete clarity” he said.

In a statement published on Monday afternoon he said:

“Our fight against the coronavirus is far from over. Though the Government yesterday laid out a route to easing the lockdown, for now, very little has changed. The Council’s number one priority of protecting and supporting our most vulnerable residents will continue to underpin everything we do.

“To keep ourselves and others safe, and to protect our NHS, we must all still stay home as much as possible, work from home if we can, stay 2m apart from others not in our household, and self-isolate if anyone in our household has symptoms. We are at a crucial moment in controlling the spread and people flouting the rules could undo all the efforts of the past seven weeks and put lives at risk.

“We should also stay local where possible and avoid unnecessary journeys on public transport. The Council is currently bringing in a range of measures to make walking and cycling easier and safer.

“What is expected from Wednesday is some relaxation of the rules around exercise and using parks. We are awaiting further guidance from the Government on this and will take a precautionary approach until there is complete clarity. And, whatever the new measures may be, you will still need to keep at least 2m from people not in your household.

“The Council is also looking to bring some services back online, such as reopening Space Waye to the general public. More information on this, and the necessary measures being taken to make sure it’s safe, will be announced this week.

“As restrictions are gradually lifted, and circumstances become more complex, I ask that you remain patient with our staff and those of our partners who are trying to ensure people follow the rules. Our motivations are always about reducing the spread of coronavirus and protecting people. We must never forget that this is about saving lives.”

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