Our Man at the Edinburgh Fringe

Top joke of the festival

The TV channel Dave sponsors the Top Ten Best jokes at the Edinburgh Festival. The Dave Funniest Joke of the Festival fringe award this year goes to Lorna Rose Treen for her zookeeper joke:

“I started dating a zookeeper, but it turned out he was a cheetah.”

Since so much of what happens at the Edinburgh Fringe finds its way to London theatres, you may be interested in what Our Man at the Edinburgh Fringe thought of the two productions he saw on Monday: Dark Noon – ‘a brutal reimagining of the history of America is told by seven South African actors’ and That’s Politainment! – Rosie Holt’s satirical show lampooning the likes of Nadine Dorries, Matt Hancock and Jacob Rees Mogg.

Dark Noon (Edinburgh International Conference Centre) ⭐⭐⭐

In which a troupe of mostly black actors from South Africa build 19th century America before your eyes: churches, torture chambers, railroads all included.

Fizzing with ideas and commitment but this told me nothing I didn’t know already about colonial exploitation. An interesting take on cultural appropriation: the black actors dressed up as whites. And Native Indians. And Asians. Discuss.

Gruelling, occasionally baffling, 20 minutes too long, but heartfelt and  honourable. Would go down a treat at The Bush Theatre.

Rosie Holt – That’s Politainment! (Pleasant Courtyard)


In which character comedian Rosie Holt satirises Brexit voting, GB news presenting, Laurence Fox loving political/media types like Nadine Dorries  and Julia Hartley Brewer.

Deserves credit for attempting something meta and ambitious rather than vanilla and linear. All she needs now is a suitable TV vehicle and a sharp comedy writing team. Oh -and she’d be a brilliant guest on Have I Got News For You.