Our reporter Matt Smith is running 10k for charity

Image above: Matt Smith with his cat Taboo

Matt hopes to raise £500 for Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

The Chiswick Calendar’s reporter Matt Smith is running 10k for charity this weekend.

Matt hopes to raise at least £500 for Hounslow Animal Welfare Society (HAWS), a small local charity which supports unwanted, abandoned, stray or unloved pets to the extent of its resources.

The charity recently spoke with The Chiswick Calendar about how it is struggling financially to look after pets in its care after being “absolutely inundated” with a wave of abandoned cats and increased demand for their services.

Keeping the cats fed, warm and up to date with their medical treatments is a constant battle and vet bills are becoming almost prohibitively expensive for the charity, which spends upwards of £5000 per month on the pets in its care.

You can easily donate to Matt’s fundraiser here: gofundme.com/f/10k-for-hounslow-animal-welfare-society

Image above: Georgy – a cat who was left outside in the cold bleeding by her owners

“Please give what you can”

Matt, who has an adopted cat of his own which was abandoned by his first family, is running 10k in his hometown of St Helens, where he and 2500 other people are running in support of various different charities.

Matt said:

“HAWS is a small charity local to LB Hounslow. Every donation goes towards helping animals in their care, with a big chunk going towards vet bills.

“Recently the charity has come under significant pressure as more and more owners dump their pets because the cat has become sick, injured, too old or simply too much of a burden. Animals have been left in the cold, bleeding and in severe pain.

“Please give what you can, as the owner of an adopted and abandoned cat myself, this cause is very dear to me.”