Packed church service remembers the dead, including 12-year-old Jack Hollis

Image above: Candles lit on the altar at Christ Church during the service led by Rev Nicola Moy

Chiswick residents join annual service of reflection to remember Jack, who died last week

There was a packed and ‘very moving’ service at Christ Church, Turnham Green, on Sunday (3 December) at which local people were given space to share their grief for local boy Jack Hollis.

Jack, who was 12 years old, passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday 29 November after being diagnosed with cancer, which was only discovered in July.

The service of reflection is one which happens every year and is open for all who have grief or sadness at this time of the year. The congregation listened to hymns and bible readings throughout the service, which lasted roughly for an hour and 20 minutes.

Attendees lined up at the start of the service to lay candles on the altar. Later in the service they returned to the altar to light the candles. Reverend Nicola Moy closed the service with:

“We have lighted these candles in the memory of many people and as an expression of much that is hard for us. But also as a reminder that of the hope that light will come in the morning.”

Rev. Moy then closed with a final blessing for the congregation.

The Hollis family are well known in Chiswick because of the tragedy they suffered in February 2010 when baby Tommy Hollis was killed by a falling lamppost. He was being pushed in his buggy by his nanny when the lamppost outside Chiswick Town Hall toppled over and baby Tommy suffered devastating head injuries.

The foundations of the lamppost had been inadvertently severed when the road was being widened. An inquest jury decided two years later that it had been an accident.

The Tommy Hollis Charitable Fund was set up by his parents Chris and Kate, to help underprivileged, sick and orphaned children and parents who have lost a child.

The condolence book will remain at the church for a while longer and anyone wishing to write in it. Contact the church’s office for more details:

Image above: Congregation line up to light candles for Jack Hollis