‘Pandora’ the camper van stolen from Woodstock Road

Image above: Pandora the camper van during King Charles III’s coronation celebrations

Vehicle was stolen between Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 July

A resident of Woodstock Rd in Chiswick has had her cherished camper van, affectionately named “Pandora,” stolen from her driveway last week. The van, which holds over a decade’s worth of memories and adventures, went missing between Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 July, leaving Judith Parker and her partner devastated.

Speaking to The Chiswick Calendar, Judith said:

“I drove home in it last Wednesday, but I was ill. So I kind of came in and didn’t go out of the house again until my partner came on Friday evening and asked “Where’s Pandora?”. I thought he was joking, but then I came out and found out he definitely wasn’t.”

She contacted people in the neighbourhood through WhatsApp to share the disheartening news.

“Pandora” holds a special place in Judith’s heart as she has owned the camper van for around 13 years. The van has been on various adventures across France and Spain, accompanying Judith and her partner to festivals and other memorable journeys.

Image above: Pandora the camper van during King Charles III’s coronation celebrations

Judith said she had reported the theft to the police:

“Yes, I did straight away… I reported it online to the police and hilariously in the paper on Saturday [the police said]:  ‘We are going to follow up on every lead and cut down on car crime’ but I haven’t heard anything”.

There have been no substantial leads regarding the van’s whereabouts since.

Describing the unique features of her beloved camper van, Judith said:

“It’s a California conversion, it’s called a ‘Westphalia California conversion’ – but that conversion is quite unusual.”

Judith likened the experience of owning the van to “owning a dolphin,” explaining how people often approach her to talk about the van, and even the local children recognise and adore it, with it recently being the centrepiece of King Charles III’s coronation celebrations in thier street.

Judith said Driving the camper van has always been like embarking on an adventure, an experience that can’t be replicated when driving a regular car.

“Pandora’s” licence plate is PAN 584L.

As the search for the camper van continues, Judith remains hopeful that the van will be found and returned to her. She urges anyone with information regarding the stolen camper van to come forward and assist the police in their investigation.

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