Parcels left on roadside after police seize van in Richmond Park

Image above: Parcels on the side of the road in Richmond Park

“The parcels did not get wet” say Royal Parks Police

Royal Parks Police left a large pile of parcels under a tree in Richmond Park they pulled over and seized an uninsured delivery van.

“If you see lots of parcels at the side of the road in #RichmondPark, it’s because we seized the drivers van for no insurance and we didn’t want to be responsible for undelivered packages” said Royal Parks Police in a post to Twitter.

“Parcels should be collected soon” they added.

The parcels were collected, but not before members of the public responded to the Tweet, worrying the parcels may have been damaged or left unattended. It had been raining throughout Tuesday afternoon.

“The parcels did not get wet and were collected shortly afterwards,” officers later Tweeted.

“When police seize a vehicle, the driver is invited to remove any items from that vehicle, as was done on this occasion,” they added.

The Metropolitan Police, which runs Royal Parks Police, said it had nothing further to add.