Part time job fair, Wednesday 21 February

Image above: Richmond American University, London – building 12 at Chiswick Business Park

Calling all employers looking for part time workers

Much is made of the labour shortage. Particularly in the hospitality industry, the difficulties in finding and retaining staff post Brexit are legend. Richmond American University London would like to point out they have a pool of willing labour, aged 18 – 25, on our doorstep.

They are organising a part time jobs fair on Wednesday 21 February at their campus in Chiswick Business Park, and if you are looking for part time staff you are invited to come along. You will be able to talk to the students who are there looking for work.

The job fair will take place in the main reception area of the campus, in building 12 at the Chiswick Business Park, between 12.00 and 2.30pm. If you are not able to be there at that time, perhaps  because that is your busiest time at work, you can contact the organisers who will put your details on their bulletin board as a local employer looking for staff.

The university has students from all over the world. They have to attend classes on campus, so they live nearby. Having moved in to Chiswick Business Park during the summer of 2022, the university careers office is looking to build their connections with the local community.

While it would be great for their students to gain experience in a field in which they want to develop their career, they also need to earn a bit of money to live on while they are studying, so the whole range of part time opportunities is of interest.

Image above: Students in the reception area at the campus at Chsiwick Business Park

As they are on student visas, they are able to work for 20 hours a week during term time. The university runs on American semesters – September to December and then January until May. Many of them would also be available to work full time over the summer.

They have biometric residency permits, making it easy for potential employers to check their work status, and as they are all over 16, there are no legal safeguarding issues. Students are also able to work here for two years after they graduate, so potentially a local employer who takes someone on could have them on the staff for several years. Typically they are studying four year liberal arts degrees.

Each year the University organises a number of careers events, which are open to students from every discipline and level of study. These events are an opportunity to plan the next steps in students’ careers, develop their employability skills and meet employers.

“We look forward to welcoming a range of employers of various sectors to advertise their vacancies and boost their brand recognition,” says event organiser Maria Theodosopoulou.

For the event itself you can just turn up, but you are also encouraged to contact the university’s careers service about this and other events they have coming up, at

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