Parties gearing up for a General Election

Lib Dems select Helen Cross

The Liberal Democrats have selected Helen Cross as their parliamentary candidate for Brentford & isleworth. She stood in the European elections.

A businesswoman who specialises in the application of robotics to the future of work, she joined the Lib Dems after the 2016 referendum because she wanted to  stop Brexit. 

Her party is now committed to revoking Article 50 if they won a general election.

An Open Letter to the Conservative party

In an Open Letter to Chiswick & Brentford Conservatives, the Chairman of the Liberal Democrats in Chiswick said this:

‘Many (of you in the local party) will be pro-European, socially liberal conservatives who are horrified by Boris Johnson’s embrace of a Hard Brexit and Dominic Cummings’ willingness to throw our constitution under a bus …

‘To these, I say join the Liberal Democrats as Dr Lee has done. Help fight the anti-democratic lurch of Johnson’s government, its No Deal Brexit and his plan to impose a Third Runway, which will pollute our air and damage our health’.

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