Penny enters the face mask debate

Should we all be wearing face masks when we venture out? Were we led up the garden path in thinking we didn’t need to just because there weren’t enough to go round and we might have panicked?

Robert Peston to scientist:

Matt Hancock says the science shows they don’t really yield the benefit. Why do you disagree with him?

Scientist to Robert Peston:

‘Erm, because I’m a scientist who just led the world’s first cross-disciplinary international review of the evidence for this with 19 of the world’s top experts in this, and actually the evidence does not at all show what he claimed. It actually looks a lot like this could be one of our most important tools’ (in the fight against the Coronavirus).

Penny the orangutan was convinced. Either that or someone is attempting to gag her to stop her speaking out about the environmental damage done to her rainforest habitat.