Personal training sessions at Active360’s new Riverside Gym

Image above: The Riverside Gym inside Active360 under the arches of Kew Bridge

New gym catered to those interested in watersports

Active 360, Chiswick’s paddleboarding outfit, have opened a new gym in at their place under the arches of Kew Bridge. Known as the Riverside Gym, the space now open for fitness sessions, yoga & pilates and available to rent for personal training and classes.

Managed by Dan and Paul Hyman, Active360 run open-group or private lessons for anyone who would like to learn to stand-up paddleboarding for the first time, or to refresh skills on a new part of the River Thames or London canals, offering discounts for returning paddlers.

The new gym space is 7.5m x 5m with new rubber matted gym floor, is also heated and well ventilated with full shower and changing facilities, as well as a defibrillator and functional kitchen with a microwave, kettle and toaster.

The new gym’s equipment includes:

  • Freeweights
  • Squat/power rack
  • Rowing, Ski and paddle/swim ergos
  • Alternative functional equipment

Images above: The Chiswick Calendar’s reporter Matt Smith paddleboarding on the River Thames near Grove Park

Class-focused sessions for beginners or returning paddleboarders and river-users

With over 22 years experience and 17 years watersports coaching on the Tidal Thames, Dan is one of Active360’s most well-trained instructors. He took me out paddleboarding for the first time on the Thames at Stand-on-the-Green. We reached the Bull’s Head against the tide then came back, and I managed not to fall in. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did quite well – of course thanks to Dan’s skilful guidance.

Afterwards, we had a brief tour of the gym, and Dan told me:

“We started this as a paddlesports gym, so our main target is getting people off the water into the gym. Whether that’s people who don’t want to paddleboard through winter or that’s people who want to keep their fitness up outside of being on the river.

“Because for one, paddleboarding can be expensive if you don’t have your own equipment. It costs a lot for us to run watersports sessions to get highly qualified coaches on the water, equipment, insurances, licensing.

“The gym is a lower cost to run, you can have a lower monthly fee and classes are a lot cheaper. for example a paddleboarding class can be £65 for the first time, £45 for a return which adds up to quite a lot of money if you’re coming three to four times per week whereas in the gym it could be £7 for a session and there’s huge price gap.

“It will be focused on classes, we’re looking at classes and one to one personal training. For the club we have access, so a paddle fitness session would be half gym half on water. There won’t be open access for now, it’s a bit of a difficult one with the size of the gym having a membership system but it’s something we’d like to do for members.”

The booking system is flexible and some sessions start for as little as £12 per hour. You can book classes by clicking here.

Image above: Dan Hyman outside Active360 under the arches at Kew Bridge, Dan Hyman using the paddleboard machine inside Active360’s Riverside Gym

Date to be set for launch event

Dan added there will be a launch event in the coming weeks, where there will be a day of open classes after the first few sessions though the date for this is yet to be announced.

Active360 run paddle fitness classes throughout the year for more confident paddlers, focusing on working against the tide around the local islands – which they describe as “our very own treadmill on water”. Once you’re in the water, especially if you’re in a wetsuit like I was, you warm up very quickly.

If the weather really is not suitable groups will spend more time in the gym or switch to an indoor paddle fitness session. If you are a looking to improve your fitness then stand-up paddleboarding is a great full body workout.

During your sessions, expect to be looking at ways to improve technique and increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance – as well as your overall fitness and strength.

Dan and the team said they were looking forward to welcoming new and returning watersports enthusiasts to boost their fitness, and personally I couldn’t recommend it enough if you’re the active type or just want to try something new.

Active360 is 150 metres from Kew Bridge mainline station with direct line to London Waterloo. Underground stations are a short walk away and there is secure bike parking on site. Pay and display car parking free 12.00-6.00pm.

Club Card Offer

Club Card holders can enjoy 10% off all weekday lessons and classes, both scheduled and private lessons. See Active 360’s rates and schedules on their website. Use the code CHISWICK10 when booking, or ring them with any queries.