Peter Oborne publishes website of Boris lies

Political journalist Peter Oborne is among a group of journalists who have launched a website entitled:

‘The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government.’

What’s interesting about them as a group is that they’re about as far from Trotskyist revolutionary agitators as you could hope to find.

Peter is the former chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph; Richard Assheton is a freelance reporter for The Times and The Sunday Times and features writer for The Sun and The Sun on Sunday; Adam Bychawski is the assistant editor of Open Democracy; Tom Chivers is a former Assistant Comment Editor at the Telegraph …

And so the list goes on. Mainstream, one could even argue right wing journalists, but highly experienced journalists for whom truth telling is a professional credo, who consider the current climate in politics is so mendacious that they need to put the record straight.

‘TRUTH is important in politics. Never more so than today, when huge issues are at stake affecting the lives of every voter and the future of the nation and the world. 

Political deceit is a form of theft. When people or businesses get money by deceit they face criminal charges. When politicians win power by deceit they can do vastly more harm, but face no penalty at all’.

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