Petition to give iconic Lucozade sign prominent position in Brentford

Image above: Lucozade sign overlooking the M4

A petition to restore one of Brentford’s most iconic landmarks, the famous neon Lucozade sign, has beens submitted to LB Hounslow.

The petition calls for the sign to be placed on the new nine-story Ballymore car park in Brentford HIgh Street. The well-known sign was one of the first ‘moving’ advertisements in the UK, installed on the side of the Lucozade factory overlooking the motorway in 1953.

The original advert read “Lucozade Aids Recovery”, which was changed to “Lucozade Replaces Lost Energy” in the 1980s. It was removed entirely by GlaxoSmithKline when they demolished the former factory, and was replaced by an advertising screen by JC Decaux in 2016.

Lucozade’s new Japanese owner, Suntory, has invested in the restoration of the original sign, which is on display at Gunnersbury Museum.

Suntory had applied to restore the original sign in 2010, but their application was rejected by Hounslow Council. The latest attempt to restore the sign comes from the editor of Brentford Today & TV, John Dale, who wants to “rescue Brentford’s famous Lucozade sign and put it on the town’s monolithic car park”.

Celebrities including Jennifer Saunders, Jeremy Vine and Kirstie Allsopp have praised the cultural significance of the sign in the past. The Lucozade sign was displayed in what was known as Brentford’s ‘Golden Mile’, a once hugely influential stretch of the M4 which served as an industrial hub.

Image above: the original Lucozade sign, local resident John Dale (Images by John Dale).

“Brentford’s most famous landmark”

The petition submitted to LB Hounslow currently has 21 signatories. A second petition on has 144 signatures at time of writing.

Both petitions read:

“It was Brentford’s most famous landmark – the Lucozade sign which sat alongside the Golden Mile’s A4/M4 for many years.

“Now it lies almost forgotten in a museum. Let’s bring it back from the dead and put it where the world can see it again in all its glory.

“As they redevelop the town centre, the contractors Ballymore say they want to dig into Brentford’s rich history to turn it into a cultural hub.

“Here’s their chance! In one fell swoop they can restore the town’s most iconic image – and at the same time improve the look of the concrete car park they’ve built on the High Street.”

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