Planning permission secured for ‘Creative Campus’ at Chiswick House & Gardens

Image: Chiswick House, The Cedar Yards- Approach From Conservatory; image We Made That

Project will “transform” Chiswick House & Gardens estate

Planning permission has been granted for a project at Chiswick House and Gardens which will see the creation of new community, creative and learning facilities.

The Cedar Yards project will see various internal and external ‘back of house’ areas such as the car park behind the offices, which the Trust says are currently underused, repurposed to create what it describes as “creative and community campus”.

The project is being designed by architects We Made That and Chiswick House and Gardens Trust (CHGT).

Holly Lewis, Co-founding Director at We Made That, said:

“Securing planning consent for these projects will transform the estate and deliver so much value to both the charitable trust and local community – we are very much looking forward to turning our vision into a reality over the coming months and years.”

Image: Chiswick House The Cedar Yards Illustrations (We Made That)

Fruit garden, volunteer base and ‘net zero learning hub’

The plans include a new ‘net zero learning hub’, an indoor space enabling horticultural and creative learning activities for more than 7,000 participants annually, alongside office and social space for staff, gardeners and volunteers.

To support over 200 volunteers, a new volunteer base will be created on site for ‘practical amenities’.

A fruit garden will involve the conversion of a currently unused and overgrown late 17th Century ‘secret’ walled garden to provide a new outdoor garden for local groups, schools, and families to participate in horticulture-themed activities throughout the year.

The Creative Campus involves the conversion of the currently underused historic Back Sheds and Stables to create workspaces for up to 100 artists and makers.

Xanthe Arvanitakis, Director of Chiswick House and Gardens Trust, added:

“By re-working unused ‘back of house’ areas at Chiswick House, we are creating a space that will boost cultural and creative activity in the local area, create more public green space, and allow us to expand our valuable learning and community work, which is currently running at capacity.”