Plans to improve pedestrian crossing and cycle parking at Strand-on-the-Green

Image above: Strand-on-the-Green

Consultation period open until Monday 11 December

Hounslow Council have opened a consultation on plans to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities and the availability of cycle parking at Strand-on-the-Green.

The plans and the main changes proposed are:

  • Widening of the footways at the northern end of Strand-on-the-Green and the provision of a rain garden.
  • Implementation of pedestrian crossing points and tactile paving on Strand-on-the-Green and Spring Grove.
  • Vehicle access and drainage improvements to 2 Kew Road.
  • Repositioning of the parking bay on the western side. Please note that no parking spaces will be removed as a result of the proposals.
  • Implementation of approximately 26 new Sheffield style cycle stands at the northern end of Strand on the Green.
  • Implementation of approximately 19 new Sheffield style cycle stands adjacent to the river on Strand on the Green.

Sheffield style cycle stands are metal bent into the shape of a square arch.

Image above: Sheffield bike stands

The Council say the proposed improvements will “make it easier for pedestrians to cross Strand-on-the-Green and Spring Grove, particularly for people with mobility issues, visual impairments and who are elderly.”

The proposed additional cycle parking will provide formal places for cyclists to lock their cycles, which will reduce the obstructive locking of cycles to fences in the local area, particularly on G-Tech Community Stadium match days.

These proposals support the objectives set out in Council’s Transport Strategy to improve road safety, promote the use of active travel and improve local air quality.

The Strand-on-the-Green Association (SoGA) has encouraged members to take part in the survey and have said:

“We will be responding to LBH (London Borough of Hounslow) to reflect specific feedback provided to us by local businesses and individual members who share their comments with us. ”

Drainage issues

The Council also says:

“As part of the design, we will be considering how we can improve the drainage of surface water from the footway towards the carriageway and into gullies as it has been reported that downstream surface water ingress has occurred into a residential dwelling during storm conditions.”

To respond to the consultation click on the following link: Hounslow Council Consultation

Alternatively, you can contact them by emailing or calling 0208 583 3322.