Police arrest two men after burglary at The Eye Studio in Chiswick

Image: Eye Studio at 229E Chiswick High Road

Police at the shop in seconds as burglars attempt to steal thousands of pounds worth of sunglasses 

Police have arrested two men after an attempt to steal thousands of pounds worth of sunglasses from an opticians on Chiswick High Road.

CCTV footage of the incident shows two men breaking into Eye Studio at around 4.30am on Tuesday (30 April).

The footage shows two men, both wearing balaclavas, using what appears to be a concrete bollard to smash the front door of the shop.

After entering, the burglars go straight for the sunglasses, which were on display in the front window.

The thieves go on to fill up carrier bags with sunglasses, which are some of the most expensive items kept on site – ranging from £190-£400.

Nick Singfield, who is the co-owner of the business, told The Chiswick Calendar:

“They were filling the bags, the alarm was going off and within about 45 seconds – 50 seconds about a dozen police turned up in unmarked cars.”

Image: Eye Studio cordoned off on Tuesday morning; Police officers including a forensic team cordon off Eye Studio on Tuesday; Credit: Ray Elias

First time business has been targeted by thieves in 20 years

Nick said this is the first time Eye Studio had been targeted by burglars or thieves generally in over 20 years.

“We’ve been lucky because I know the High Road is pretty bad around here. We had some kids grab some Ray-Bans last year but they were just kids.”

If you were to walk in you would not have guessed the shop had been burgled the night before as the door had already been replaced.

“A local Chiswick glazer, who has been absolutely brilliant, we called him and was here within 30 minutes and within 90 minutes it was done.”

The shop was closed for much of Tuesday morning as police and a team of forensic officers gathered evidence, including CCTV recordings.

Following the break-in, Nick and his colleagues are reluctantly considering whether to increase security at the site.

“I hate the idea of shutters, because Chiswick [High Road] is such a lovely nice street. But it might have to come to that.”

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