Political campaigning in Chiswick goes digital

Images above: Labour’s Hanif Khan and Conservatives’ Ron Mushiso campaigning in Chiswick Gunnersbury ward

Nothing will replace knocking on doors in all weathers as the mainstay of political campaigning. Showing your face as a candidate and being available to debate issues on the doorstep is essential to win hearts and minds in local elections.

Chiswick candidates have been doing that for weeks, but two have also embraced the digital age with videos.

Cllr Hanif Khan, a Cabinet member of Hounslow Council, responsible for guiding policy throughout the pandemic, is standing for the first time in Chiswick with two Labour colleagues in the newly redrawn and renamed Chiswick Gunnersbury ward, which until this election has been known as Turnham Green ward.

Here is his video pitch to voters:

Chiswick residents need a voice within the Council, says Labour

Cllr Hanif Khan’s message to voters is that Chiswick needs change. Referring to Labour’s current 50 seat majority on Hounslow Council he says:

“It’s been unfair that many residents have been left to fend for themselves and have not had a voice in the Council.”

Cllr Ron Mushiso, who has represented Turnham Green ward for the past four years, has answered with his own video for Brentford Today and TV Debate not Hate website:

Watch Cllr Ron Mushiso’s “A day in the life of canvassing”:

Chiswick’s markets coopted into Conservatives’ ‘vision’

“We as councillors are behind every single market, every single local driven initiative or any business that brings footfall to Chiswick” says Ron. “We’re fully behind the markets. We’ve said so in our manifesto and we’ve said so in our vision for Chiswick.”

That is good to hear. Ron and fellow councillor Ranjit Gill have been volunteer marshals at the Flower Market for months, but their colleague Cllr Joanna Biddolph has never been seen there, despite claims to be spearheading a Chiswick High Rd Task Force.

The Chiswick Flower Market was the idea of local resident Ollie Saunders. It was established by a group of local residents, including the editor of The Chiswick Calendar, with no political affiliation whatsoever and no input from local councillors.

It was backed from the very first by Leader of Hounslow Council Steve Curran, who enabled it to set up, and has brought more than 60,000 visitors to the High Rd in the time it has been open.

The two other Sunday markets which opened subsequently in Chiswick High Rd – the Antiques Market and the Chiswick Cheese Market were also set up independently of Chiswick’s councillors and have no political affiliation.

While the Antiques market is a purely commercial venture, the Cheese Market is entirely the work of local residents who run it voluntarily for the good of the community.

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