Pothole repair postponed

Residents of Grove Park Gardens have long campaigned for their road to be resurfaced. Hopes were raised earlier this year when they found their road – the only one in Chiswick – was on the list for resurfacing, in August.

August came and went with no sign of any levelling. 

And September, and October. Questions were asked.

Cllr Guy Lambert, Hounslow Cabinet Member for Highways, has stepped up to the mark and answered.

Hounslow council found out that the gas company Cadent were due to dig up the road for pipework renewal for seven weeks, starting 29 October, and that they would return to do more work (main renewal and connections, sounds like a big job), from the second week of January until the end of February.

Knowing how these deadlines have a habit of slipping, Hounslow Highways reckoned they’d give it till May, so resurfacing is now due during week commencing 4th May 2020.

In a cruel twist of fate, an email has just dropped into my inbox launching the 2019 Hounslow Highways Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Your comments are invited here.

Maybe we should take inspiration from Artists Repurposing Potholes and close the street for the day and come up with some alternative uses for the craters which currently decorate the road.

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